Probably part of a minority, I became interested in 'Alan Wake' a bit late (a month before launch!). However, since the first day I played it, I regard it as one of the best titles of this generation so far. I'm mostly an adventure, action gamer and the elements that 'Alan Wake' brought back to gaming impressed me. I enjoy horror-ish, supernatural games with heavy emphasis on atmosphere and story, and the title certainly exceeded my initial expectations towards it.

The birth of this site was a natural consequence of my liking of this game. Being a coder and staff member of 'Biohaze', one of the largest Resident Evil fansites
on the net, I wanted to start my own project with my own design. I'm a graphic design student and this site let me experiment my abilities and creativity, and while
it took longer to make it than planned, I'm very happy with the outcome.

Name: Rodrigo Navarrete
Location: Santiago, Chile
Position: Site owner, Graphic Design student

I'm your regular eccentric author-aspiring type. Well, mix games into that. I have a big love for games, and I have a big love for writing. So naturally, I am mainly pursuing a career as a game writer. But, I'll always have writing books to fall back to. Hehe.Otherwise, I'm hard to describe. I grew up in, and currently live in, the south-eastern regions of Norway. Not far from Oslo, actually.

I'm currently looking for a job so I can rack up some money before I head off to another educational affair, hopefully one that will get me closer to my goal
(as mentioned above). Always been a big fan of forums. I love the special community feel of them. So of course I hope I can contribute to this place.

Name: Mads O. Nesje
Location: Svelvik, Norway
Position: Moderator, Semi-student?

Since the early 90s where my love for gaming become when I first played Sonic the Hedgehog and Afterburner on the Sega Megadriv. I soon invested a lot of my own time within the horror genre on such big series "Resident Evil" and "System Shock".

Being fond of Remedsy work with Max Payne, I become very interested when Alan Wake was first shown at E3, with them tacking on a pyschological thriller known as Alan Wake. Since the games released, I have classed Alan Wake as one of the top titles I have played in my life time and soon looking forward on this IP becoming something special.

Name: Gareth Saunders
Location: England Midlands
Position: Moderator, IT technician (real life)
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