'The Signal' is one of the first two downloadable episodes for 'Alan Wake'. It is immediatly set after the end of Season 1, and the plot
follows Wake in his attemp to leave the cabin and reunite with Alice. This DLC is free for new owners since all new copies come with a promotional code to redeem the content in the Xbox Live Marketplace. It is also available for pre-owned or rented copies for 560 MSP.

The setting is Bright Falls town, but everything seems distorted and darker. Alan arrives to the Oh Deer Diner in what looks like his
first day at Bright Falls but it's night time and just an illusion in Alan's mind (according to Thomas Zane, who repeatedly appears through
the episode). Wake must follow the signal, all the while reviving his actions before saving Alice but with a little 'twist'.

Download at Xbox Live Marketplace


'The Writer' finds Wake in strange circumstances; now fully aware of the thing that opposes him, he must survive one increasingly nightmarish situation after another.

(More info coming soon)

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